Downtown Public Art Photo Hunt

Some days, I find myself with a few extra minutes between meetings, or just end up taking the long way on my walk home from work. When I’m wandering (especially when I’ve nowhere else to be right afterward) I often come across something I’ve never noticed before. The last time I was out, I snapped a few photos, all downtown, of some great public art – can you guess where they were taken? Leave your guesses as a comment below.

  • Paul Feeney

    1. Park next to Federal Courthouse
    2. Statehouse lawn
    3. Supreme Court building (formerly Ohio Departments building)

  • Randall Lee Schieber

    1. Battelle Riverfront Park
    2. Statehouse
    3. Ohio Supreme Court Bldg.?

  • Joe Vargo

    Randall’s got it! Great job!

  • Lisa Morton

    Elevator doors in the Ohio Departments Building (now the Ohio Judicial Center/Supreme Court)