It’s Restaurant Week Columbus!

Are you hungry? You’re always in luck if you’re in Columbus – there is no shortage of great places to eat – and this week is even better than most, because it’s Restaurant Week Columbus through Saturday, Jan. 26!

With 70 restaurants participating, you’re sure to find a great meal at a great price. Diners can pick from a wide range of choices, all with fixed-price three-course meal options ranging from $15-35 per diner. Need some inspiration: Check out these reviews of participating restaurants:

We’re happy to have a drawing for dinner for two at Till Dynamic Fare! Read more about this hotspot here. To enter, leave a comment below telling which of the 70 participating restaurants you’re most excited about trying during Restaurant Week Columbus! We’ll randomly pick the winner at noon on Friday, Jan. 25.


  • Molly Adams

    I am most excited to try Hubbard Grille and Till!!

  • Polly Hawk

    Till and Black Creek Bistro

  • David Tull

    Molly, Hubbard is fantastic. Awesome cornbread. Can’t wait to try Manifesto’s food on Friday. And try some scotchy scotch…

  • Kellie Szczerbacki

    I’ve got reservations at De Novo Thursday night, can’t wait to try the lobster/crab roll!

  • Ellen Rosen

    Ella Restaurant.

  • Jessica Henson

    Manifesto! I just read an article about it yesterday and can’t wait to try it out. :)

  • Ingyr

    I’ve been wanting to try Cameron’s for a long time so me and my daughter are going to check it out this week.

  • Candy Griffin

    I’ve been wanting to go to Till actually!

  • Sherry

    Matt the Miller’s in Dublin.

  • Melanie Mousseau Anderson

    Black Creek Bistro!!

  • Amanda Leeman

    Matt the Miller’s in Grandview. I haven’t eaten there yet, but its menu this week looks awesome.

  • Thalia

    Can’t wait to try Till and Lindey’s

  • Laila

    Hyde Park for sure!!

  • Mary MacDonald Martineau

    You can never go wrong with the Flat Iron!

  • Mais


  • Misty Leffel

    Till has an interesting menu. I’d love to try it.

  • Kelly Thiel

    Explorer’s Club looks great and they have a vegetarian option, which is nice!

  • Lee Dennison

    I would love to try Matt the Miller’s or go to The Montgomery Inn.

  • Patti

    Mitchell’s downtown because I get to enjoy great food and catch up with my baby girl who will be in town from Cleveland on business ~ Life is good ~ and people are crAZy

  • Shana Elliott

    Vino Vino and Figlio

  • Phil

    I can’t believe i have never been to Columbus Brewing company, I am most excited about trying this out!

  • Geva

    Mmmmmm at Miranova!

  • Josh Rice

    101 Beer Kitchen, CBC brewpub, and Milestone 229.

  • Ali Hinkle

    Would love to try Till, I’ve heard so many good things about it. Alos looking forward to Flatiron – Duck Gumbo, yes please!

  • Katy Powers

    Till and Aab!

  • Kristen

    I would like to try Black Creek Bistro–sounds very much to my taste!

  • DaniG

    The Black Creek Bistro looks tempting

  • Amber Pasternak

    AOI Blue Bar

  • Katy

    Till is my all-time favorite restaurant – soo yummy!

  • Laura

    I’ve heard great things about the Explorers Club!

  • Vicki

    I would like to try the Till. I love The Top!

  • Susie

    I have had drinks at Till, but would love to try their actual food! Black Creek Bistro tops my list though :)

  • Caryn

    I love Till and so many of the restaurants on this list that it’s hard to choose! Never been to M though, so I’d love to check that menu out.

  • planet

    Can’t wait to try the “Mama Maria” hand made wedding soup at Giorgio’s!

  • Heather K

    We’re going to Mezzo for the second time and trying Oscar’s in Dublin.

  • Marina Duque

    Till and Rigsby’s, hands down!

  • Leanna

    Explorers Club

  • Brittany Towers


  • Katie Tucker

    I’d still love to try De Novo

  • Matt Betts

    Never been to the Old Mohawk, but I’d love to try it!

  • Lyss


  • Susan wymer

    Till for sure!!

  • Ray

    I’m excited to try Lindey’s this weekend!

  • Raphael Cunha

    I’m always looking forward to trying new items on Till’s menu.

  • Tiffany A

    I can’t really pick just one restaurant to pick from because there are so many great places to eat here in the city. I already went to The Melting Pot for the first time on Monday and it was awesome! I’ll def be back. I plan on trying a couple more places before the week is up.

  • Emma Looney

    I’d looove to have a fancy date night at Lindey’s for Restaurant Week!

  • Joe Giessler

    Really want to try Hyde Park!

  • Stephany I


  • Alyssa

    Explorer’s Club!

  • Carolyn Kent

    I am a HUGE fan of Till (*drool*) and have been trying to take my boyfriend there for-ev-er but our schedules haven’t worked out. I’d absolutely love to introduce him to the delectable awesomeness that is Till. Yet another culinary hot spot on our to-eat list this weekend: Rivage Atlantique! We’ve been lusting over the menu for forever and a day!

  • Leo Guinan

    I would love to check out Black Creek Bistro!

  • Jaclyn

    I’m excited to give Lindey’s a try this weekend!

  • Datssocute

    Any would be fab since I’ve never been to any.

  • Olamide G

    So many amazing choices..but I will definitely be heading to Spagio!

  • Jason Tiberio

    Super pumped about Lindsey’s! It would be a good excuse to go out with someone special.

  • Gina Howard

    I’d love to go to Lindeys! Haven’t been in forever!!!

  • Sarah

    Explorers Club!

  • Brittney wex

    Columbus brewing company!

  • Tricia

    I want to go to figlios! I heard its amazing!!

  • JillyJiggs


  • Jillyjiggs

    I want to go to the Refectory

  • Scott Wingenfeld

    Coincidentally, it’s Till! Hit explorers club and Boat House already

  • Beth

    My boyfriend and I are dying to try Lindey’s!

  • mark

    i haven’;t been to the old mohawk for years and years – it’d be fun to go back!

  • Polly Hawk


  • Gee

    The Rodizio sounds like it has a great Restaurant Week menu. I’d love to try it.

  • Susan Richards Rodarme

    I think I’m most excited about Till. I’ve heard great things!

  • Maggie

    Lindys or till. I already tried haiku

  • Yukiko

    Definitely Till. Great place!

  • Sabrina Hone

    Smith & Wollensky sounds super yummy! :)

  • Joe Melito

    The Hubbard Grille, never been and would love to try:)

  • c_bill

    Lindey’s tonight!

  • Katie

    So many delicious choices – I’ve been wanting to try Matt the Miller’s!

  • Wendy

    Level! I’m new to the are and excited about all of the local foodie possibilities!

  • Tiffany

    I’m excited about trying Rodizio Grill and I love me some Ruth’s Chris so this is always a good oppurtunity to go there!

  • Siobhan Boyd Nelson

    Explorers Club! Love Cuban and I never get enough plantain!

  • Angela

    Looking forward to trying Polaris Grill :)

  • Food Fort Columbus

    Till because I have not been there….but Rigsbys, Lindsey’s and Explorer’s Club is no sloth.

  • MCbus

    Till of course!

  • Missy Shouse

    It’s hard to say! I’ve recently moved to Columbus and would love to try out the restaurant scene! Some that sound interesting: Boat House, Till Dynamic Fare, Trattoria Roma, Ella Restaurant, Smith & Wollenskys, I could go on & on!

  • Mary Meyers-Mannella

    The Till sound so YUMMO!!!!

  • ExperienceColumbus


  • Lisa Campagna Daly

    Nicola’s sounds good!

  • Susan Wymer

    Thank you so much! You’ve made me very happy! :-)

  • Rose

    Black Creek Bistro :)

  • David Jennings

    Aab Indian

  • Brenda Stover

    Would love to win dinner at Montgomery Inn Dublin. My brother speaks of it highly he goes to the one in Cincinnati. Keeping my fingers crossed to hear from you.

  • Amanda


  • Melody

    Went to the Montgomery Inn for New Year’s Eve. We were disappointed. Very overpriced for what you got. My husband ordered a $32 steak. He said it wasn’t as good as the usual steak he gets at Texas Roadhouse for $13. Our group decided that we would never go back because we couldn’t justify the expense.

  • Tina

    M at Miranova… love love