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Your Guide to the Country Living Fair

country living fair 1The pages of Country Living magazine come to life during the Country Living Fair, Sept. 13-15 at Ohio Village, on the grounds of the Ohio History Center. With hundreds of vendors selling the best in antiques and contemporary crafts, you’re sure to find a new heirloom piece. We’re giving away five pairs of tickets to the Fair! To enter, comment below with the item you’ll be searching for this year at the Country Living Fair. We’ll award the tickets on Sept. 3 at noon.

Here are a few tips to help you have the very best time at the Fair:

1. Buy your tickets in advance. Though lines move fast, this is a really popular event. So save a few dollars and go straight to the front by pre-paying here. You’re only able to buy online until Sept. 10. You can also buy an early bird pass, which gets you into the Fair 90 minutes early to get first dibs on the unique antiques and hottest crafts. Kids under 16 are free, and regular parking fees apply. If you are local to Columbus, the Museum Gift Shop at the Ohio Historical Center is also selling tickets in advance until Sept. 12.

2 .Take breaks – but make them productive. The Fair is HUGE. There is more here than you can see in one day. You’re going to get tired at some point. BUt when you do, make sure it’s during a talk or demo from a celebrity guest. Among the national and local talent are Cari Cucksey, of HGTV and the Beekman Boys, authors of heirloom cookbooks and winners of CBS’s Amazing Race. Allison Chapman, of Worthington’s Igloo Letterpress will talk about her work.

3. Explore the buildings and grounds of Ohio Village, in addition to the Fair. This area isn’t open to the public very often, and there are some architectural treasures, relocated here from all over the state. Make sure you explore the Ohio History Center, too. From the Ice Age-era Conway Mastodon to the new exhibit, The 1950s: Building the American Dream, history lovers will find lots to explore.

country living fair 34. Bring a friend and make space in your vehicle for some great finds. If you’re planning on buying large pieces, a dolly or cart is not a bad idea. A reusable water bottle and picnic blanket are good moves, too.

country living fair 45. Stay the night. You’re going to be beat after a day at the Country Living Fair, and if you do it right, you’ll miss lots of the fun Columbus has to offer. Here’s a list of hotels with a special Country Living Fair rate. If you’re into antiques, check out this list of some cool shops in Columbus. You also might want to visit one of Columbus’ historic neighborhoods, like German Village. Or go a whole other direction and shop upscale fashion and design at Easton Town Center. However you choose to spend the weekend, you’ll have a great time!

  • Mickie Stiers

    I’ll be looking for vintage maps suitable for framing!!

  • Renanda Parks

    I am looking for doilies to peice together and make a tablecloth!

  • EZ

    Home decor

  • Sara Smith

    I’ll be looking for the best upcycled item to add to my collection!

  • buxi

    Crossing my fingers for new sofa pillows!

  • AnKerr

    colored glass & jars!

  • Shasta

    I’ll be continuing my search for the perfect arts-and-crafts style library table.

  • Beth

    I am looking for things that I fall in love with as soon as I see them. Adding things I love to my home…. Creating a special place for me and my family

  • Mary Riedel

    We have never been, so we would want to check out everything ! Looks like a fun day :)

  • lyen

    I’m always on the lookout for all types of collectible crafts! Maybe a quilt this year!

  • Kristie Siders

    I will be looking for the next great addition to my fall décor collection. Probably something made of wood!

  • Stacey Nadolny

    Re-purposed furniture :)

  • dhoff

    INSPIRATION!! From colors to textures and overall style, it sounds like a great place to enjoy an early fall day!

  • nmichalec

    I am looking for furniture…trunk for a coffee table, dresser, and bed side table.

  • Mandy Aquilina

    Looking for some new fall decor. Love the Country Living Fair!

  • Shana Elliott

    I will be looking for the perfect bench to put under my window!

  • Pamela Reeves

    I will be looking for fall garden ideas and hope to come home with a treasure or two.

  • Liana

    All sorts of goodies to fill my new house that I’ll be moving into right after the CLF!!!

  • Carol Gray

    I wish I knew. I just moved into our new home and am excited about decorating it. Any help and ideas would be so appreciated.

  • DaShannon Bunch Lovin

    This will be my second year and this year I’m looking for something to decorate my porch!

  • Rachel Lacy

    Really excited to look for fabric to make a few things for my sweet baby girl arriving in October.

  • Kylee Gonzalez

    Looking for craft items to purchase and for inspiriation!

  • Nicki Kline

    I am looking for decorative items for my guest room. And of course inspiration!!

  • Lisa Keisel

    Desperately seeking post wedding inspiration!!! :0)

  • Leanna Abele

    Fall decorating ideas

  • Vanessa Prentice

    Antique fermenting crocks!

  • lilstrlett

    Decorative items for our currently empty second bedroom (and any mid-century pieces we can find).

  • Christina

    Really want to get Christmas stuff ! My grandma has Alzheimer’s and Christmas memories are what she seems to remember the most.

  • Anita

    Looking to be inspired as well as find vintage treasures to add our home. Love to find pieces to use for organizing.

  • KnittyErin

    I will be looking at trends as I am an antique dealer on etsy. And I love linens and pottery, so I might just need a few new pieces of each!

  • Melissa J. Holmes

    An end table, Fall wreath, and large outdoor pillows.

  • Candace Fox

    Accessories for my new bathroom!

  • Jody Carney

    This will be my first experience at the country living fair, but looking for fall decorating items and maybe get to meet the Beekman boys!

  • amy patterson

    a new porch swing that won’t hurt my poor tired back.

  • Shannon Belcher

    I’ll be looking for old window panes to add to my collection. This will be my first time to experience the CLF and I’m very excited to view all it has to offer!

  • Karen LeVan Downing

    I will be looking for Hen on Nest, Boyd’s glass, lady head vases and Milk glass. I have never attended this fair and will be super excited to see the offerings and have a great time.

  • Sara Himes

    This will be my second year! I’m looking for jewelry.

  • Deborah A. Wright

    I am always on the lookout for bowls. Old, new, as long as they can be used and not just for decoration. I’m a firm believer in functionality.

  • Charlotte Joseph

    English Ironstone. White. Lots of it.

  • Alicia

    Turquoise jewelry

  • Christy

    We’ve never been, but it sounds like something we are going to really enjoy! Can’t wait to find fall crafts and ideas for home.

  • Karen Heidelberg

    I’m not looking for anything in particular…would love to win tickets…thanks!

  • Catherine Swenson

    I’d love to find some vintage cookware anything about cooking…tickets would be awesome!!

  • p. overly

    I’ll be on the lookout for an antique bookcase & other unique items I can’t live without!

  • Angela List Knue

    I have never been to this but I want to go this year, I love country living and would love to find some great fall decor and antiques. Fingers crossed I win:)

  • Seren Musick

    We just bought our first house – so we’re looking for a LOT lol

    But what I’d really like to find is a nice, antique desk for my new office! ^_^

  • Diana Tambini

    I don’t have a specific plan. Who knows what I might find!!

  • Rachel McIntyre

    My husband and I love antiques and vintage finds! I am especially interested in children’s things and dining room service.

  • Judith Kerr Cosgray

    I want to grab a copy of theBeekman Heirloom desserts cookbook!

  • Glenda Bubke Larger

    I am an Iowa farm girl! I would love to find some decorative items to put on top of my kitchen cabinets – jars, bowls, pottery, figurines, or cookie jars.

  • Heidi Lubich

    Looking for Ironstone and Texss ware bowls!!

  • Jane

    Not looking for anything specific-which is bad because that means I’ll find tons of great stuff.

  • Connie Wilson

    Looking for out of the box uses for old/worn rejected anything. Oh what joy to find something and save it… just gives you a warm fuzzy!

  • Kerry

    Wish list: outdoor bench, mc buffet, rotery phone,and whatever else catches my heart

  • Yooper Scooter

    I just want to explore

  • Yvette Kiggans

    Looking for all things french country and shabby!!!

  • Kathy B

    I have never been to the fair and am so excited about coming this year! i will be looking for lots of interesting items, but would really love to find a stained glass window to hang in my home.

  • Donna P

    I have always wanted to go to the Country Living Fair. Have been a Country Living magazine subscriber for years.

  • Carol

    I have been wanting to attend the Country Living Fair for many, many years, but living in New Mexico it was too far to make the trip. Not any more, I’ve moved back to Indiana, my hometown, and am only 175 miles from Columbus. I can’t wait to visit the Fair.

  • Anna Pierce

    I will be looking for silver saltwell spoons. A pretty hard thing to find! Hope I win :)

  • Beth Hickerson

    I have been wanting to attend for several years. Will be coming from Michigan. I will be looking for things to make my log cabin home pretty.