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Roar & Explore: COSI and Myth Busters!

Did you know you can take a three-day family getaway in Columbus, complete with three top-notch attractions, two nights in a hotel WITH A POOL and pizza from Donato’s for only $369? On your adventure, spend a day each at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, COSI and Zoombezi Bay – all with enough money left [...]


What to Do with Holiday Visitors, Part 1: COSI and BODY WORLDS & the Brain!

We all have this dilemma – you have a house full of guests, and can’t think of a fun activity that will work for everyone. Well, we at Experience Columbus are always full of good ideas for things to do around the city, so over the next week, we won’t only be giving you ideas: [...]


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RACE: Are We Really So Different

COSI is back with a new exhibit, RACE: Are We Really So Different. Visitors will be treated to a thought-provoking look at the cultural phenomenon of race. Early on, the exhibit shows there is no scientific basis for race, but that the effect of race are pervasive. The visually arresting photographs of Wing Young Huie demonstrate [...]