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Valentine’s Day plan: Opera Columbus’ Romeo & Juliet

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you have to find something to do with that special someone. I thought I’d share my plan and expand on one of the Valentine’s Day ideas Scott shared earlier , because Opera Columbus has covered me for part of the weekend. I’ll be attending the opening performance [...]



Columbus Children’s Theatre: Engaging, fun and affordable

Today’s post is written by Kristin Marks, a.k.a. cBus Mom . She writes a blog by the same name , which she created to offer suggestions and reviews of kid-friendly activities in Central Ohio. She also writes for Ohio Moms Blog and is a monthly contributor to Columbus Underground . Here, she shares her experience [...]


Broadway Across America-Columbus presents The 39 Steps

Broadway Across America-Columbus brings another highly anticipated show to Columbus this week with The 39 Steps . Adapted from the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, this play has already proven itself a hit with people of all ages. It just finished a two-year run on Broadway, and the original production is in [...]


Available Light Theatre presents ConAm’s Annual Xmas Spectacular

Photo: Available Light Theatre To add to the previous posts about holiday experiences , I’ve got another I’d like to share: Available Light Theatre’s Consolidated Amalgamated’s Annual Xmas Spectacular Here’s the show’s story, from their Web site : For 30 years, Winford Doke, CPA, has been the venerated host of ConAm’s Annual Xmas Spectacular, featuring [...]

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Holiday jeer at CATCO’s Santaland Diaries

Photo: CATCO In Kelly’s last post about giving the gift of a Columbus experience, she mentioned a handful of local favorites. One she didn’t mention, however, is one I had the opportunity to check out: The Santaland Diaries , presented by the Contemporary American Theatre Company (a.k.a. CATCO). Last Friday, CAPA Columbus gave away tickets [...]

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See it: Killadelphia: mixtape of a city

Available Light Theatre has wowed me once again. This time, they’ve done it with Killadelphia: mixtape of a city . I attended a preview of the production on Saturday, which will open to audiences this week. I now find myself still thinking about the show, which I’ll undoubtedly do for some time. In the days [...]



So, GI Joe, the Tooth Fairy and Eleni Papaleonardos walk into a theater…

The post below was written by Leigh Householder, a local blogger who writes at , and . Available Light Theatre – Leigh’s very favorite arts group in Columbus – is opening a new play this weekend. Leigh’s here to share the details and, of course, convince you to go. I exist among [...]


A preview of the Lincoln Theatre in Columbus

Experience Columbus staff was lucky to get a sneak preview of the much-anticipated restoration of the Lincoln Theatre . It’s located on Long Street in the King-Lincoln District, close to The King Arts Complex . Lincoln Theatre rendering, courtesy of CAPA CAPA has done an incredible job on the restoration of this intimate 600-seat 1928 [...]

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This weekend in Columbus: Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening has arrived . Thanks to Broadway Across America-Columbus , I had the chance to catch the show at the Palace Theatre on Tuesday night. In a word, wow. The Broadway musical bills itself as "the groundbreaking fusion of morality, sexuality and rock and roll." It lives up to the hype (and its eight [...]