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The Hoods of Columbus

October 4, 2016

Ohio’s capital city is a metropolis of two million, but, like the milk of its venerated Snowville Creamery, it’s not bland and flavorless; it’s separated into unique components — rich, tasty, diverse and distinct. READ MORE… Continue Reading >>
Columbus discovered America. Then, gays discovered Columbus. This cool Ohio city stakes claim as the third-most-welcoming GLBT town in the land (after—duh!—San Francisco and Key West). Read Article… Continue Reading >>
While its downtown seems less like Minneapolis and more like St. Paul, its historic neighborhoods seem more established and its arts district seems more concentrated than those of our own twin towns. Here is a list of some of the highlights of… Continue Reading >>
After four days in the city sampling the local food, nightlife, culture and shopping, I believe that if Columbus keeps adding to its queer credentials, it’ll soon be fighting for a spot on the list of the very best destinations in the US. Watch out,… Continue Reading >>