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Columbus Downtown Skyline at sunset

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Zahir Janmohamed Headshot
Zahir Janmohamed

Zahir Janmohamed is the News Editor of Hyphen Magazine and the co-host of Racist Sandwich, a podcast about food, race, gender, and class. He previously worked in the US Congress and at Amnesty International. 

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Columbus

The Chinese New Year kicks off on Friday, February 16 and Columbus has plenty of options to celebrate the incoming year of the dog as 2018 is known, according to Chinese tradition. The Chinese New Year changes each year because it is based on the…

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The International Grocery Stores of Columbus

What happens when you move to a new city, you’ve prepared home-made tempura, and then realize your food is missing a Japanese spice called togarashi? It’s a blend of seven flavors that is delicious on meats, noodles, and my personal favorite…

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Where to Celebrate Diwali in Columbus

The Hindu festival of lights known as Diwali is the largest—and I would argue the most enjoyable—of all the South Asian holidays. The day of Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and kicks off with a lighting of a…

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