This post is written by Alexis Perrone, visitor services manager for Experience Columbus.

Rumor has it that the living legend, Sir Paul McCartney, likes to take a walk about the city he is visiting and get the vibe for his home for the night. Here are seven things Sir Paul should do in Columbus before he rocks socks on Tuesday, October 13.

Go to the Big Room Bar

Sir Paul McCartney is not only one of the most famous musicians in the world, but he is also one of the most famous vegetarians in the world. Good thing the bar with a radio problem has multiple vegetarian and vegan offerings including the Uplift Mofo Party Dip and French fries with smoked gouda cheese sauce.  He can also check out one of the country’s last independent radio stations, CD 102.5.

Go to the Grange Audubon Center

You may insert your own puns about Black birds here. Seriously, this is one of the most relaxing, beautiful, and educational points in the city. Perfect place for some much needed meditation time during a world tour. Bonus points for the rad city skyline view.

 Make his own candle at the Candle Lab

While Sir Paul is probably not doing this tour crammed in the back of an old van, things can still start to smell stale on the road. So why not brighten up the jet and the limo with some pumpkin spice, bourbon, and chia tea scented candles and sprays?

Shop at Wild Cat Gift & Party

Looking for that perfect, handmade Columbus souvenir? Pop into Wild Cat for the best in locally made jewelry, apparel, stationary, mugs, and more. Stella would look awesome in an Amy D apron!

Get desserts at Mozart’s

If he is feeling a little homesick, he can stop by Mozart’s and get a taste of home from by sampling their fantastic European deserts and delicacies. He should probably buy some for the whole crew.

Grab a cup of Coffee at Café Brioso

After giving what will surely be a life altering rock God performance on Tuesday, Sir Paul is going to need a cup of caffeine to get him up and on to the next town. He might as well start his day as most of us downtown dwellers do and grab a steaming cup from JJ and crew at Café Brioso.