This post is written by Steve-O, an 11-year-old kid from Pittsburgh. He recently visited Columbus with his mom, a travel blogger - we're delighted to share his story! 

Hello, my fellow travelers. My name is Steve-O. I just came back from Columbus, and I'll start out with a very appropriate phrase…WHO KNEW!!! On Saturday, the 30th of March, Mom and I set out for The Discovery City on a three hour ride from our beloved Pittsburgh, PA. We checked in at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. We almost immediately went to Cap City Diner, where I had the most amazing meatloaf (and one of my first). Mom had a good Philly cheese steak, and there were nachos and wings for the table.


Rubbing our tummies (but not patting our heads), we left for The COSI, or Center of Science and Industry. First stop is Mindbender Mansion and Amazing Mazes. We stepped in an' first thing I said was, "WOW!  This is HARD!" Dad's a mathematical genius, and I got some of his talent but still, that stuff is hard. We solved a few puzzles and then got to the mazes. We went into the Maze of Illusions, which besides having many illusions, was an illusion itself. It looked a lot smaller than it was. Afterwards, we went to Gadgets and I hauled myself up with pulleys and launched balls at a contraption on the wall. Next, we headed outside and me and others lifted a car by pulling on one side of the Big Lever.

Then we had dinner at Rigsby's Kitchen. I had some juicy, tender steak. Bellies bursting, we walked over to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. The name lied. It should have been Jeni's Super Splendid Ice Creams. We walked back to the hotel and spent an über comfortable night.

The next morning, I woke to a shooting star…shake at Northstar CaféThat is a good way to start Day 2 in the Arch City. I had some delicious turkey thing with the shake and home made Ginger Ale. Then we headed to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. We saw all sorts of exotic animals and…wow…it was B-I-G BIG! Then we headed to the Wexner Center for the Arts.

We quickly explored the Short North's shops and then headed back to the hotel to eat dinner at Gallerie Bistro. There were a million different things on the table, each seemingly tastier than the last, to choose from. My personal favorite was my first pork belly. Scrambling away, we just made it to the hockey game at Nationwide Arena. Columbus vs. Anaheim, it was going to be brutal. We were behind the Columbus penalty box, with lounge privileges. That sin bin was twice as active as Anaheim's, but the Blue Jackets won, 2-1 in OT anyway. We had desserts in the room afterwards, but I overate at dinner and couldn't try them.

Breakfast, bakery style, started Day 3 in German Village at Pistacia Vera, or Green Pistachio. I devoured the bear claw. Then we walked around, saw some houses, parks, stores, stopped in the visitors center and went into a multilevel, 32 room bookstore. Just before we left, we had lunch at Schmidt'sGallerieBistro. I had this great thick cut schnitzel. We then departed for Pittsburgh, both of us exhausted and ready for daddy chili waiting back home.

P.S. I'm NOT spoiled!