The North Market has long been the epicenter of the Columbus Food Scene. A great balance between delicious prepared food and ingredients, you can find just about anything you need in this relatively compact space. Like any creative engine, the North Market is in constant flux. The past six months have seen some of the biggest changes in recent memory, so if you haven't visited in a while, here's what's new:

jenisMusical Chairs: The biggest change to the Market is one you can't see: a massive ventilation upgrade. With so many vendors selling delicious foods from various cuisines, it could be tough to leave the market without smelling like you'd been there. To accommodate these upgrades, many storefronts have changed locations within the market. For instance, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams now greets you as you come in the main east entrance. North Market Spices flanks the other side of the entrance, and Pam's Market Popcorn has moved from the southeast corner to the west end. Next time you visit, take a quick lap to familiarize yourself with the new floor plan. The upstairs is still stocked with ample tables and chairs, so be sure to get the birds-eye view white you dine.

pistacia veraGerman Village Invasion: Two German Village hotspots are joining the North Market roster (while maintaining their original locations, as well.) Pistacia Vera has just opened at the Market's north end, offering an edited selection of outstanding French patisserie. The croissants may be the best in the city. You can even watch bakers at their craft in the small but functional workspace. Katzinger's Delicatessen is scheduled to open at the Market in April, bringing its generous deli sandwiches and bottomless pickle barrel to the southwest corner.

Learning from the Masters: The Market has long offered an outstanding cooking class series with some of the city's finest chefs. This training, paired with wine and delicious food prepared right in front of you in the Dispatch Kitchen on the Market's second floor make this an excellent activity for an evening out. This year, the Market added Market Series Classes, which provide the same hands-on learning experience with chefs and cooks from the Market itself!