This post is written by Kathy and Sophia, bloggers at Kasual Life. You can follow them on Twitter @Kasuallife.

Simply put, mojitos are amazing. Rum, mint, lime, club soda, and simple syrup… what’s not to love?

A true mojito may sound simple, but that only means it’s trickier to perfect, and Sidebar nails it. It is clean, refreshing, and has tropical notes. All ingredients are well balanced. This classic cocktail pairs nicely with their food options because the taste doesn’t overpower those of the delectable dishes.

Looking for a more casual spot to grab a classic mojito? Get one at Pint House. It contains all the same classic ingredients, but slightly sweeter and stronger than that found at Sidebar. It’s also rimmed with a green mint sugar that’s quite yummy!

mojito-brothersdrakeNow if you’re looking for a mojito with a twist and an extra buzz kick, try out the blueberry bourbon mojito at Brothers Drake. Instead of rum, they use house-made mead – a fermented alcohol made from local honey! Locally made Watershed Bourbon adds a slightly oaky taste. If you like pulp in your juices, then you will enjoy all the muddled blueberries and lime pulp in this one.

mojito-mojoePrefer fruitier cocktails? Stop by MoJoe Lounge for their selection of rainbow mojitos. Each color corresponds to a duo of fruits – all made from real fruit purees. Their popularly ordered “red” mojito is made with pomegranate molasses and raspberries. These options taste like a spiked fruit juice and the fruit purees offer delightfully fresh flavors. Taste the rainbow and feel the buzz too.

With so many mojitos around Columbus, you’re bound to find one that fits your palate! Let’s end the last few weeks of summer strong with some mojito madness.