iphone Cbus app

Do you want to travel around Columbus in style? There's a new player on the transportation scene here that's making getting around the city very swanky and easy!

UberBLACKworks in an on-demand fashion. You can't pre-arrange as far in advance as you can for taxi service, but a simple push of a button will connect you to a transportation provider who will pick you up in minutes. The app finds the available drivers closest to you in real time, giving you an estimated pick up time (with a text message alert when your driver is very close.)

UberBLACK drivers are licensed chauffeurs and drive black luxury sedans or SUVs. They carry commercial insurance and are often limo company drivers who take Uber fares during downtime. Payment is handled entirely through the app and there is no need to exchange money or swipe a credit card at the end of your trip. UberBLACK service generally runs at around a 40% premium compared to a taxi service. An average fare between downtown and Port Columbus International Airport is $35, though in times of high demand, surge pricing may come into effect.

I've used UberBLACK several times, and have had excellent experiences - my drivers have been very professional, friendly and efficient. My favorite part is not fumbling for my credit card and trying to remember my receipts when the ride is over - it's all handled digitally, and your receipt is emailed to you immediately after your trip ends.

iPhone users can download the uber app here and Android users can download it here.