Photo: Available Light Theatre



To add to the previous posts about holiday experiences, I've got another I'd like to share:


Available Light Theatre's Consolidated Amalgamated's Annual Xmas Spectacular

Here's the show's story, from their Web site :

For 30 years, Winford Doke, CPA, has been the venerated host of ConAm’s Annual Xmas Spectacular, featuring Winford’ glorious rendition of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol .


However, this year Winford Doke has left his assistant, Artie Isaac, to take over the holiday duties.

Taking the stage with no time to prepare and only Doke’s stubborn stage hand, Jo Anne, to help him through it, Artie faces down the ultimate December Dilemma.

The twist? Artie, the reluctant assistant suddenly appointed the task of spreading Christmas cheer, is Jewish.


This adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol is brought to us by artistic director Matt Slaybaugh, playwright Sean Christopher Lewis (whose talent became immediately apparent to me when I saw Killadelphia ) and the show's star, Artie Isaac.

Knowing what I know about Available Light Theatre and the three gentlemen I named above, here's what I expect:

  • It will make me think. I'll consider something I hadn't before...or, I'll be reminded of something I should be considering again (you know, those important things that somehow become a bit forgotten during the course of daily, hectic life)
  • It will make me laugh. These guys can be funny.
  • I'll be inspired by the smarts and creativity brought to life on stage (and okay...I'll envy it, too).
  • During at least one point of the show, I'll wish it to last longer than it will.
  • I will very likely love it. I'm getting used to that by now.

My husband and I have attended several Available Light productions. We discuss them often because that's what Available Light does - it sticks with you, and it prompts good conversation. This small-but-mighty group of talent wows us every time. Husband said this: "It's unlike any other things I've seen. It enlightens you while you're being entertained."



The show starts tomorrow and runs through December 13. Click here for more info, videos, a podcast, and links.