Schiller Park in German Village

Schiller Park in German Village Photo by Larry Hamill


As extreme cold grips much of the country, I started to wonder how I might want to spend this upcoming weekend in Columbus.


So I turned to two groups who know and love this place - the Experience Columbus staff and our Twitter pals. I received no shortage of suggestions.

Here's what some of the Experience Columbus crew had to say when asked their favorite things to do during a (really) cold weekend in Columbus:

Ben Walters : I like to head to a favorite watering hole like Tip-Top , Betty's , or Bodega to get a nip and some good food with some good friends. It's social and warming. Another favorite option is to find a indoor concert, preferably at small venues like Ruby Tuesday, Carabar or Rumba Cafe.


Nicole Massenelli : When it is cold I love to meet friends for a hot drink at Cup O' Joe or grab a bite at Panera because both places have fireplaces. I love to sit by the fire in comfy clothes and enjoy great food and drinks with friends.

Scott Peacock : When it gets really cold outside I like to go to grab some good comfort food at Tasi , get a coffee to go and then head to the Wexner Center for the Arts or the Columbus Museum of Art to see the latest exhibits inside.

Claudia Plumley : Like Nicole, I head to Cup O' Joe . We get a big latte and sit around the fire. Then we head to the movies to see an Oscar contender.

Kelly Brooks : This may seem counter intuitive, but when it's cold outside I like to go to a Blue Jackets game. Not only does winter weather set the mood for hockey, but at tonight's game I will be almost comforted to know that it is actually warmer inside Nationwide Arena than it is outside!

Amy Gatto Klein : Vino Vino in Grandview. The coziness of the space, a bottle of Pinot Noir (before I was pregnant, anyway) and small plates of yummy food warm me right up.

Cathe Moog : When it's cold outside, our family likes to go to the North Market for lunch. We select entrees with a spicy kick to warm us up.

And what did the Twitter pals have to say? I was surprised to find three in particular who laugh in the face of the cold. They reminded me that being outside during this time of year has its advantages:

Betty B : Hiking at a Metro Park . It postpones the winter blues.


Jeff Johnson : Being in any city park because I have it all to myself when it's this cold.

Andrew Miller : I'll be the third person to say that this is the perfect time for a stroll. Plenty of alone time plus beautiful snowy scenes.

I'd say this is proof positive that there are more than enough reasons not to camp out at home during the winter.


What gets you out and about when it's cold in Columbus?