The 39 Steps

Broadway Across America-Columbus brings another highly anticipated show to Columbus this week with The 39 Steps .


Adapted from the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, this play has already proven itself a hit with people of all ages. It just finished a two-year run on Broadway, and the original production is in its third year in London. Critics have taken notice as well, awarding the play two Tony Awards and the Olivier Award for best new comedy in 2007.

Credentials aside, this is a show unlike anything I had seen before. Four actors play over 150 characters, and in the process create a frenzied pace that never slows down. The play transports you to a world of make believe—one in which four chairs can be believed to be a car, men can pass for women and a windy day can be conveyed with the mere shaking of the actors own clothes.

The best part? You, the audience, are in on the joke. The actors do not pretend to be fooling anyone. Instead, they embrace the minimal props and get creative with what they’ve got. They even go as far as to purposely slip up on occasion—forgetting to switch into a new character or leaving a prop behind a little too long—just to remind you they know you’re there.

Based on the reaction of the opening night crowd—people were laughing, a lot—I would say this show is a winner. But don’t take my word for it, catch one of the seven remaining performances at the Palace Theatre and judge for yourself. Tickets range from $20-$55 and can be purchased here .

Tip from the CAPA Facebook page : If you act fast, you have the opportunity to purchase two tickets for only $39 to the Wednesday or Thursday show. To redeem this offer, call the CAPA ticket office at 614-469-0939 and use the password “TRAINS”