Blue Morpho at Franklin Park Conservatory
Have you seen the butterflies at Franklin Park Conservatory yet? If not, it’s absolutely worth a trip. I visited with a group of kindergarteners and they were engaged, educated and definitely entertained.

An annual exhibition, Blooms & Butterflies is a live “display” of butterflies flying freely in the Conservatory’s Pacific Island Water Garden. Immersed in the lush greenery, we looked up, down and all around, watching Blue Morphos, Swallowtails, Monarchs and Painted Ladies flit and flee. If you’re lucky, a butterfly will land right on your shirt for an up-close-and-personal examination. The woman next to me had a big Blue Morpho land on her jeans. It was pretty cool.

If your schedule permits, make sure you’re there for the live release of butterflies at 1 and 3 p.m. daily. A delightful young woman conducted the release yesterday and, with each specimen, described the type of butterfly and its traits. The kids were vying for spots up front and literally squealed with delight as she released one after the other.

A bonus for our trip was a visit to the Hot Shop. Each day, professional glass-blowers create spectacular pieces on site. It was pretty incredible to watch the blower take clear molten glass at 2000 degrees and form it into beautiful Chihuly-like bowls and vases right in front of our eyes. The finished pieces can be purchased in the Botanica gift shop.

Blooms & Butterflies is pure entertainment for all ages. See it on display through Sept. 11. For details, visit .