CAPA Summer Movie Series

If you haven't heard about the CAPA Summer Movie Series yet, you are missing out.


In keeping with the tradition of the past 39 years, CAPA is screening 20 films at the Ohio Theatre . This summer, they have done a great job of mixing it up for us. On the menu: classics such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Dirty Harry, chick flicks like Dirty Dancing and Steel Magnolias, and even a Cartoon Capers Saturday for the kids.

Last Friday I made it to the first film of the Series, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A favorite of my Dad, this was a film I had always considered to be “before my time.” While it was unlike many of today’s blockbusters, it was certainly an enjoyable ride that introduced me to a much younger Robert Redford—one with a very strong resemblance to Brad Pitt.

But beyond the movie, it was the overall experience that really won me over.

The moment you walk into the Ohio Theatre you are taken to another world. Time flies as you admire the stunning Spanish-Baroque interior and listen to the live organ music flowing from the stage. Before you know it, it is time for the show! I loved watching the film in a true theater setting.

For only $4 per ticket—and $2.50 per ticket if you buy a strip of 10—there is no reason to skip this Columbus favorite.

For more details and a link to the CAPA brochure including schedule, click here. Enjoy the show!