I've got a confession - I really love gluten. I know some people have medical issues gluten exacerbates, but it really does makes bread and baked goods taste good and gives them great texture! I recently learned, gluten-free does not have to mean taste-free or mushy. Bexley's Cherbourg Bakery is gluten- and nut-free - but if you walked in and I didn't tell you that, you'd probably never realize it.

This bakery, just north of Main Street on Drexel Ave., is cheery and bright, and full of really helpful people. The kitchen and prep areas are open to the retail space, so you can see folks stirring and icing and putting the finishing touches on your goodies.

It's safe to say that Cherbourg is best known for its Double Lemon Bars. They truly are incredible. The filling is bursting with sweet-tart flavor, and the crust is not only sturdy enough to hold up, but adds a tasty, buttery coutner-point to the lemony goodness.  Definitely my favorite lemon bars in Columbus! Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are another favorite of mine, and Cherbourg's are exactly the way I like the - at the nexus of chewy and crunchy. The espresso brownies are decadent as can be, and the madeleines are the perfect foil for a cup of tea.

I visited Cherbourg for the first time as part of A la Carte Food Tours' Cookies Cakes and Pie tour, which is a great introduction to some very tasty spots in Columbus. And I keep going back for those lemon bars. Make sure to check them out!