This post is written by Tim Simeone, Visitor Services Specialist for Experience Columbus. You can follow Tim on Twitter @TimSimeone .

It’s coming! This post is not early, it’s right on time. The last thing you want to do when making your significant other feel special is run out the day before and grab something from CVS on the way home from work. Those types of Valentines are not very special and lack the personal touch your loved one deserves. Here are some ideas and links so you can take care of this now, and not be rushed.

If your lady or gentleman enjoys decadent pastries, Sugardaddy’s is the way to go. This Valentine’s Day they are offering their brownie bark, which is a layer of brownie and then a layer of chocolate over top with a candied heart garnish. They are also offering a cute sock monkey in their wrapping. This choice turns out to be cute and delicious.


If your Valentine has gluten allergy, Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley, will be offering gluten-free Valentine’s day cookies and cakes and they will deliver them downtown. The surprise at the office is the way to go. Make your Valentine blush and make others wish you were there’s.

If you are looking for the one two punch of baked goods and flowers call up, Columbus florist, Desantis . They have a number of beautiful Valentine’s Day arrangements and they deliver as well. These flowers would pair nicely with the above pastries. Pick arrangements online as well.

Looking for a one of a kind Valentine? Make one over at Igloo Letterpress ! They have several creative designs and ones that you won’t find at your local drug store.


These are great options for the day of but if you really want to wow your valentine, book a Columbus Food Adventures tour. The gift of quality time over food is romantic, delicious, and thanks to Bethia’s wealth of knowledge, informative. If your sweetheart loves sweets, CFA offers a dessert tour. Plan a dinner and then taste your way through Columbus’ desserts.

After you do all this, go to CVS and watch the panic of others while you remain rest assured that you made your Valentine feel special.