Last week, Columbus unveiled it's brand-new CoGo Bike Share! This is great news for locals, but even better news for visitors!

Thirty stations are being installed all around downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods, with plans to expand further down the road. If you're staying at any downtown or Convention Center-area hotel - you're going to be within 1/4 a mile of a station. CoGo makes biking simple: Find a station, swipe your credit/debit card, get a passcode, and then use that passcode to unlock an available bike from the adjacent docking station.

CoGo Bike Share 3Borrowing a bike costs $6 for the day, provided you dock it every 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes is up (and none of the stations are more than 30 minutes apart, even for slow bikers) your card is charged an additional $3 for CoGo bikes aren't meant to stay with you all day - they're meant to get you from one point to the next. If you're staying downtown and want to take a ride to German Village - just dock your bike at an available station, wander the neighborhood, have a great meal and then grab another bike from that station, using your same passcode, to get you back to your hotel. Locals and frequent visitors may want to invest in a $75 all-year pass.

We recommend that you download the CycleFinder app (for iPhone and Android) - which shows you a map of all stations, the number of available stations and sets a timer for you so you don't run over your allotted time.

CoGo BikeShare 2 CoGo Bike Share is available to those 16 and older. 16 and 17-year-olds must ride with a parent or guardian and wear a helmet. Helmets from those older than 18 are optional but recommended. Either bring your own or check with your hotel's front desk to see if there is one available to borrow. CoGo riders can also buy a helmet at a discount from Paradise Garage in the Short North.