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To say that the microbrewery scene in Columbus is on fire right now is a bit of an understatement - adding to great local breweries like Columbus Brewing Company, Barley’s Brewing Company, Elevator Brewing Company and Rockmill Brewery are at least eight new breweries opening in 2012.

Four Strings Brewing Company

Here’s an A to Z - no, really, there’s an “A” and a Z” - of the new breweries opening (or already opened) in Columbus in 2012:

Actual Brewing Co. Opening: July/August 2012 Owners/Brewers: Fred Lee, Rob Camstra Beers: Imperial Stout, Belgian IPA, Red Rye Ale, “Columbus Common” style Learn more

Buckeye Lake Brewery Opened: February 2012 Owner: Rich Hennosy Brewer: Mike Byrne Beers: Stout, pale ale, Irish red ale, blonde ale, IPA Learn more

Buckeye Lake Brewing Company

BRU Opening: July/August 2012 Owners: Tim Ward, Gavin Meyers Brewers: Them, plus you (it’s a “brew-on-premises” facility, too!) Beers: TBD Learn more

Four String Brewing Co. Opened: January 2012 Owner/Brewer: Dan Cochran Beers: Brass Knuckle APA (American Pale Ale), Backstage Blonde (Belgian ale) Learn more

Hoof Hearted Brewing Co. Opened: May 2012 Owners/Brewers: Jared Bichon, Trevor Williams Beers: Musk of the Minotaur (IPA), Permafrost (Wheat porter), Calibös (session lager) Learn more

Oval Brewing Co. Opening: Late 2012 (or early 2013) Owners: Adam Benner, Walt Keys Brewer: ? (they’re hiring) Beers: IPA, Blonde Ale Learn more

Seventh Son Brewing Co. Opening: June/July 2012 Owners: Collin Castore, Jen Burton, Travis Spencer Brewer: Colin Vent, Vlad Ponomarev Beers: Seventh Son of the Seventh Son (American Strong Ale), Black Sheep (foreign stout) Learn more

Zauber Brewing Co. Opened: March 2012 Owner/Brewer: Geoff Towne Beers: Vertigo, (german Hefeweizen), Magnum Opus (Belgian copper ale), Stodgy Brown (German Ale), Buxom Blonde (Belgian blonde) and Myopic Red ( German Red alt.) Learn more

Zauber Brewing Company

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