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To say that the microbrewery scene in Columbus is on fire right now is a bit of an understatement - adding to great local breweries like Columbus Brewing Company, Barley’s Brewing Company, Elevator Brewing Company and Rockmill Brewery are at least eight new breweries opening in 2012.



beerHere’s an A to Z - no, really, there’s an “A” and a Z” - of the new breweries opening (or already opened) in Columbus in 2012:


Buckeye Lake Brewery Opened: February 2012 Owner: Rich Hennosy Brewer: Mike Byrne Beers: Stout, pale ale, Irish red ale, blonde ale, IPA Learn more

Buckeye Lake Brewing Company

BRU Opening: July/August 2012 Owners: Tim Ward, Gavin Meyers Brewers: Them, plus you (it’s a “brew-on-premises” facility, too!) Beers: TBD Learn more

Hoof Hearted Brewing Co. Opened: May 2012 Owners/Brewers: Jared Bichon, Trevor Williams Beers: Musk of the Minotaur (IPA), Permafrost (Wheat porter), Calibös (session lager) Learn more

Oval Brewing Co. Opening: Late 2012 (or early 2013) Owners: Adam Benner, Walt Keys Brewer: ? (they’re hiring) Beers: IPA, Blonde Ale Learn more

Seventh Son Brewing Co. Opening: June/July 2012 Owners: Collin Castore, Jen Burton, Travis Spencer Brewer: Colin Vent, Vlad Ponomarev Beers: Seventh Son of the Seventh Son (American Strong Ale), Black Sheep (foreign stout) Learn more

seventh son



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