Kenny Kim and Misako Ohba have something special going on at the back of a bar in the Brewery District.

The husband-and-wife team started impressing the food scene with their first business, Foodie Cart, which gained them accolades from the Chicago Tribune for the takoyaki (batter balls filled with octopus) and Japanese crepes, artfully made by Misako. Last week, they welcomed chefs Jenn Louis of Lincoln Restaurant in Portland and Jonathon Sawyer of  the Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland, both Food & Wine Magazine Best New Chefs, to their kitchen for a one-night pop-up that wowed the Columbus food scene.

Freshstreet's yakitori is grilled over bincho oak charcoal imported from Japan that burns at 1000 degrees - you can pick form a huge range of quick and delicious options, ranging from the tame to the truly obscure: chicken thigh, skin and heart, pork cheek, veggies - pretty much anything that tastes delicious grilled.  Other offerings include rice bowls and the most incredible okanomayaki fries.



You can find Freshstreet inside the Asian-themed bar Double Happiness (482 S. Front Street) in the Brewery District. Freshstreet serves yakitori Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:30 p.m. - midnight. They serve Japanese crepes and rice bowls Tuesday-Saturday from 11:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m. and Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. -10 p.m. photo3