If you haven't heard about Columbus Neighborhoods, I highly recommend that you get acquainted. WOSU Public Media describes it like this:

"To celebrate Columbus’s bicentennial, WOSU Public Media is undertaking the production of Columbus Neighborhoods, a series of hour-long documentaries including extensive online resources about the city’s historic neighborhoods. It will feature a comprehensive series of documentaries, an innovative web component, community storytelling events, and classroom components that will be one of the most visible and memorable projects associated with the observance of the city’s bicentennial."


If you ask me, this is one very impressive project. I love that we now have a unique way to  get to know Columbus' rich history. Two things to check out right away:

1. The Columbus Neighborhoods Web site .  It just launched this week, and it offers users an opportunity to share their own Columbus neighborhood story. You can upload photos, audio and video, launch discussions, and explore the uploads of others.

2. The upcoming series of Columbus Neighborhoods documentaries. Take a peek at the video trailer:

Six neighborhoods will be featured in their own hour long documentaries, and the Short North Arts District is first up. Local friends: Tune in on Monday, March 8 when it will air on WOSU TV at 8 p.m. (channel guide here ).

I attended the Short North documentary premiere last night at the Arena Grand, and found myself taken in by the story. Notable figures of Columbus past are highlighted along with various areas of the neighborhood, and local residents and historians share their knowledge. Discover what was happening here when The Ohio State University was that "new" university to the north, how the Short North got its name, what and where Flytown was, the story of the "Circus House" and more.  Cool side note: the documentary's soundtrack features Columbus bands.

For more info about Columbus Neighborhoods, visit this link . You can also give them a follow on Twitter or fan them on Facebook .