This post is written by Tim Simeone, Visitor Services Specialist for Experience Columbus. You can follow Tim on Twitter @TimSimeone .

My wife and I stumbled upon Elijah Aaron, local musician, at one of the Short North Gallery Hops . He performs in front of his father’s cartoon shop, Palnik Studios at 14 E. Lincoln. His most recent song called “The Buckeye City,” commemorates the city’s bicentennial. You can listen to it here .

Elijah Aaron

When asked about the process of writing his latest song, The Buckeye City, he said “Every songwriter would agree that occasionally there is a song that just flows out without any effort. The Buckeye City was one of those songs.”

The song plays like a tour of Columbus mentioning some great attractions and several neighborhoods. Though it is Elijah’s personal experience of Columbus, it is still one that locals could relate to and visitors could appreciate. Aaron recruited his whole family towards the end of the song, “The singing of O-H-I-O at the end was sung by my brother, sister, girlfriend, and father.” The creativity runs in the family.

Aaron grew up in Bexley, went to school in Boston, and performed his music in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. He has most recently moved back to Columbus. On why he returned to his home town he said, “Columbus has a lively arts community and I am discovering its vitality daily. Columbus rocks creatively…that is why I came back.”

Elijah didn’t start out playing the guitar. He studied world percussion while in Boston and trained with Jamey Haddad, Paul Simon’s lead percussionist. He is currently playing percussion for Columbus’ BalletMet and OSU Dance Department, “I love the energy of dance and really get into accompanying modern dance.” Aaron’s talent with his guitar and percussion are what make his music so unique and masterful.

When he’s not playing music all around town he likes to visit German Village . “It’s a fascinating place to wander around in,” he says. He also enjoys the Columbus Museum of Art , the Zoo , and he will “never turn down a trip to the North Market .”

We play his music and other local Columbus musicians in our Visitor Center downtown. If you want to see Elijah perform check out his website at .