Columbus is on the rise! Our new video series showcases some of the most impressive new attractions and amenities the city will roll out in the near future. This week's installment features the nation's #1 zoo, proving once again why it has the top spot. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will open the brand new, 43-acre Safari Africa experience in the summer of 2014!

Safari Africa is all about giving visitors a unique experience. You won't just see giraffes (back at the Zoo after a long absence) in huge, natural habitats, you'll get to feed them and feel their rough, 18-inch long purple tongues grasp at the branches you offer. You won't just see monkeys, you'll have the chance to hide some food and enrichment objects for them, and watch them discover what you left.

zoo 3

Cheetahs, ostriches, lions, meerkats and more will inhabit the huge new space, built on previously unused land. The zoo has contoured the landscape so that no fence lines will be visible, giving visitors a truly beautiful vista. In addition to animals and habitats, Safari Africa will make way for unique experiences like ziplining, education programs, and sunset/sunrise programs.

zoo 2

So stay tuned - it's just another year until this great new space is ready to explore!

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