This post is written by Courtney Denning, blogger at Cbus52. You can follow her on Twitter @CourtneyDenning. This is the second in a series of posts on gluten-free dining in Columbus.

My favorite part of a meal is always the end - dessert! A sweet treat is the perfect way to end a delicious dinner. Eating gluten-free presents a challenge since many desserts are typically made with gluten-filled ingredients. It’d be nice to be able to order more than plain vanilla ice cream from the dessert menu! These are some Columbus restaurants and bakeries making sure gluten-free diners don’t feel left out in the dessert department.

Cherbourg BakeryCherbourg Bakery is my favorite source for gluten-free treats. Everything in the bakery is gluten- and nut-free and incredibly delicious. Located in Bexley, Cherbourg has amazing lemon bars, espresso brownies, blueberry monster muffins, citrus lavender muffins, black tie cupcakes, s'mores bars, carrot spice muffins and more! This is a bakery you can take your wheat-eating friends to, they won’t even realize it’s gluten-free!

Pistacia Vera is well known for their amazing Parisian macarons, but they also have delicious gluten-free layered cakes and other treats. Macarons are light and airy with a delightful chewy, crunchy texture. These colorful cookies come in a variety of flavors -- I love the strawberry lillet and blackberry violet! My favorite sweet treat, though, is the cassis truffle torte. It’s a layered cake made of flourless chocolate cake, earl grey infused mousse and a cassis buttercream and glaze. If you have other food allergies, you can check the ingredients list of all of their desserts on their website.

Jeni's chocolate hazelnut ice cream sandwichA Columbus favorite, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, is another spot to get your macaron fix with a giant macaron ice cream sandwich (I recommend the chocolate hazelnut). Jeni’s is great about marking the common allergens in their ice cream, so even if you just want a scoop, you can tell which ice cream flavors are safe and which are off-limits.

Cap City Fine Diner and the Columbus Fish Market both have very gluten-free friendly menus and delicious vanilla bean crème brûlée! It’s difficult to save room for dessert at either of these restaurants because the menus are full of delicious entrees, but make it a priority next time so you can crack the caramelized sugar and enjoy the creamy, vanilla goodness!

Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffees is my favorite coffee shop and the only place I know where you can get a gluten-free chocolate covered ‘oreo’ (technically, the gluten-free cookie is by K-Toos, not Oreo). Other tasty gluten-free treats at Winan’s are the chocolates and brittle. Be warned though - the brittle is addictive! My husband and I have beWinans chocolate covered 'oreo'en known to almost go through an entire bag of coconut brittle together in one sitting!