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Today's post is written by Katharine Moore, executive director of Dine Originals Columbus, a community of independently owned and operated restaurants. During Dine Originals Week , March 7-13, participating restaurants are offering special menus at price points of $10, $20 or $30.


Seven Days of Savoring by Katharine Moore, Dine Originals Columbus

Dine Originals Week March 2011 is upon us. Our supporters love the tradition because it offers diners the opportunity to enjoy more than 50 participating restaurants — including many of the city’s most notable — at a bargain price. One of the lessons we have taken away from this Groupon-era of discounts is that everyone appreciates a bargain, but over the long term the real appeal is for value, and a price fixe lunch at Barcelona for $10, or a three course dinner at Alana’s for $30 certainly fits the bill.

This week ranks up there like some sort of a national holiday for the community of like minded people who support Dine Originals Columbus . If you have a soft spot for exceptional dining establishments that make things from scratch, on premises, and rely on local products made with that artisan labor of love, welcome to our Seven Days of Savoring. If you are more apt to head to the neighborhood pub with local brews on tap than one with all of the stock national favorites, we have introductions we’d love to make.

From Katzinger’s and Katalina’s Corner Café, to Bel Lago Waterfront Bistro and Mozart’s Bakery and Piana Café, Dine Originals members bring 51 different approaches, but there are commonalities; nobody seems to feel the need to pull any tricks; our members just focus on making each serving a dish of high quality with deep flavor. Have a grilled Reuben sandwich at Spinelli’s Deli, Horseradish crusted Arctic Char at L’Antibes, or a Parisian Macaron at Pistacia Vera.

These are kitchens that are hardwired to put out remarkable food, and Dine Originals Week is a chance for them to strut a bit.

Pore over the menus here ….they are certain to pique your appetite and your interest!