Columbus Public Health has launched an exciting new initiative that combines art and exercise into one unique experience. You can now see up to 80 artistic, historical and architectural sites around Columbus, all by foot and with the help of pre-designed walking tours.

Columbus Art Walks was developed by Columbus Public Health’s Healthy Places Program to encourage people to experience the city in a positive, healthy way. These self-guided cell phone tours are currently available for four Columbus neighborhoods, including the Discovery District, Arena District, Ohio Statehouse and The Ohio State University.

The best part is that it's free and easily accessible. All you need to participate is a cell phone and a map, which you can download here . The map provides an overview of the program, important phone numbers and a walking map with route details. Upon arrival at each site, a unique phone number can be called to hear details and interesting facts about the site. With 20-30 stops on each tour, there is plenty to see.

So lace up your sneakers and get ready to walk. With only a few weeks of fall foliage left to enjoy, this is a perfect excuse to get out and about.