"Where should I take my kids during a day trip to Columbus?"

"What hotel should I stay at if I'm going to the Blue Jackets game?"

"Where's the best place to get Italian?"

"Any suggestions on what to do in Columbus this weekend?"

At Experience Columbus, we're asked questions like these all the time. Many times, we're asked on Twitter . We're happy to help with the answers.

But we're also aware that our local residents and frequent visitors know the best places to play, dine and shop in Columbus, too . So why not connect them with the people who need recommendations?

That's what we're going to try and do.

We'd like to introduce #ExpCols . We're inviting the Twitter world to use that hashtag when looking to give or get information about experiencing Columbus. It's kind of like a giant visitor center on Twitter . . . a Columbus "Twisitor" Center.

Our staff will be watching for tweets that include #ExpCols so we can reach out and answer them, but we hope it doesn't stop there. If you're a local (or you're familiar with Columbus) we're inviting you to chime in, too. We know we're not the only ones who know and love this city.

Our friends in Portland made it work for them. We think it's Columbus' turn.

What do you think? Any feedback or ideas? Are you willing to join the #ExpCols conversation?