Sometimes, it’s hard to explain to someone unfamiliar with your city what the vibe is. It’s something that is better seen or . . . well, experienced.

One of the great things about Columbus is that we have a collection of unique districts that are drastically different from one another. Each with its own flavor and essence.

Through a video company called Turn Here , we discovered a dynamic way to tell the world about Columbus’ districts. We produced the Short North video a few years ago, and recently created brand new videos for additional districts.

What's cool about these is that each neighborhood is introduced by local residents, who describe the scene in their own words and stories. Check them out on our YouTube channel :

Arena District

Downtown Columbus

Easton Town Center

German Village

The Ohio State University

Short North Arts District

A big thanks goes out to all of the folks who helped us out with this project. It was fun to hear your stories and to tap into the passion that you feel for your slice of Columbus. It’s contagious.