If you're looking for an all-ages activity, consider a visit to Blooms & Butterflies , open through September 7 at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

The annual exhibit features a daily release of dozens of butterflies in the Conservatory's Pacific Island Water Garden - a place that really is as relaxing as it sounds.

It’s an affordable outing, and you have the option of attending just the Blooms & Butterflies exhibit or touring the entire Franklin Park Conservatory .

For the little ones, the bright colors of the flowers and movement of the butterflies offer much to watch. My 9-month-old daughter was fascinated by the brightly colored butterflies flying about and was working hard at tracking them as they flitted around the Pacific Island Water Garden. The biggest hit, however, was the koi pond, which was filled with enormous Japanese koi of various colors. The constant movement of the fish swimming around floating Chihuly glass pieces kept my daughter transfixed for quite awhile.

Blooms & Butterflies easily makes me feel as though I am off on a tropical island somewhere. With exotic flowers, trickling water, lush green foliage and butterflies it’s easy to feel transported. I felt more and more relaxed as we lazily wandered the exhibit.

I can’t wait to bring my daughter back to the Conservatory for Chihuly Reimagined , which opens July 4th. I’m sure she will enjoy the bright colors of this exhibit as well, while I admire the artistry.