The post below is written by Matt Slaybaugh and originally appeared over at Indie Columbus . When I saw it, I couldn't resist asking Matt if I could share it here with our readers.

Delicious things are happening at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams , a perennial Columbus favorite.


Jeni’s Winter Flavors By Matt Slaybaugh, Indie Columbus

If you haven't stopped in lately, you're missing a couple of Jeni's most unique flavors yet.

It's that time. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream has a few new flavors. They first came to my attention during a long afternoon of web-site editing and twittering, by a friend I'll refer to here as "the devil herself." And so, over the course of the next few days in Grandview, I gathered some friends and tested Jeni's new confections. Roll call!

Roxbury Road The official description goes like this:

Jeni's own handmade marshmallows and brown sugar caramel sauce with Krema's smoked almonds - all mixed in milky chocolate ice cream.

This is a softer, less-dense ice cream compared to many of our Jeni's favorites. You don't know what you most want with each bite. Sometimes you want the nuts, sometimes you want the caramel, sometimes you want the marshmallows. Every bite is different and wonderful. Smoked Dark Chocolate with Handmade Marshmallows Jeni says this will make you "feel like you just spent the afternoon sledding." The smoky flavor is really strong and has a good bit of bite, so be prepared for that, but the chocolate is so dark and so deep, you'll get lost in it. And let's talk about those marshmallows - they're like cotton balls with a little bit of sugar. You're gonna love 'em.

Of course, if you're like "the devil herself" and you don't even like marshmallows, you're not having any fun here. Cognac Ice Cream If you like alcohol, this might be your favorite Jeni's flavor ever. It's surprisingly smooth and fruit forward and ... well ... cognac like.

THIS JUST IN: Influenza Sorbet From Jeni's official notice:

If you're feeling under the weather lately (I know I am), try our Influenza Sorbet! With Orange juice, Lemon juice, Maker's Mark bourbon, Honey, Pectin, Ginger, and just enough Cayenne Pepper--ingredients proven to soothe and relax! Trust me, the combination really will coat a sore throat and clear your nasal passages.

It's only available in our shops (sorry out-of-towners!) and only available in pints! We made just enough to get us through flu season! So grab a pint while it lasts!

Word on the street is that Ms. Britton has a couple of new flavors up her sleeve just in time for Valentine's Day. We'll back with more updates from as the scene develops. Stay tuned to .