On Nov. 3 and 4, the City of Columbus will hold a global celebration in honor of the city’s 200th birthday at the 57th annual Columbus International Festival at Veterans Memorial, with over 200 entertainers, vendors, and nonprofit organizations representing over 80 nations.

Don't miss the Parade of Nations, a health fair with World Health Organization updates, hands-on global activities for children and families, a global marketplace of arts and crafts, unique culinary demonstrations from across the globe and travelers’ advisories and tips.

Entertainment highlights include the Columbus International Children’s Choir, OSU Hillel Folk Dancers, and vocal and instrumental ensembles and dance troupes from Korea, India, China, Bangladesh, the Middle East, Arab countries, Iran, African countries, Spain, Germany, Poland, Scotland, England, Slovakia, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, the Balkans, France, the Philippines, Ireland, Haiti, Russia,  not to mention the Columbus Crew and more.

But most of all - the food is incredible!

Admission to the Festival is$7 at the door, or $5 pre-purchased online. Kids 5-12 are $1, and kids under 5 are free!