When I moved to Columbus last year, my Dad had a good excuse to make his first trip to the Ohio State Fair . Yesterday, we made our way to the Ohio Expo Center for a night of fried food, unusual entertainment and people watching.

While I have been to my share of fairs, the size alone made this a new experience. Rows upon rows of food vendors, rides and game booths filled the fairgrounds. Buildings throughout were hosting horse competitions, cow milking demonstrations, pig races and even a Kenny Rogers concert.

My favorite surprise of the evening was stumbling upon the “Wild About Monkeys” show. It featured a man performing rehearsed scenes with two different baboons. Both have acted in films such as Evan Almighty and on TV shows like the Jay Leno Show. The baboons would banter back and forth with the man on cue, creating a funny and mind-boggling show for the audience.

It was the food, however, that really made the fair experience. There were the typical favorites (funnel cakes, french fries and everything on a stick), the nostalgic (for me it’s the Flavor Burst ice cream I loved as a kid), and the outrageous (deep fried Twinkies, s’mores and peanut butter buckeyes—if you can fry it, you can find it here).

If you're going to go, make it soon - the fair only runs through August 9.  More details can be found on their Web site .