Short North Gallery Hop

Gallery hopping in the Short North
Photo: John Angelo


This past Saturday I attended my first Gallery Hop in the Short North Arts District. I have been meaning to go since I moved here, and when the Columbus Blue Jackets game we originally planned to attend sold out, it seemed like a perfect opportunity. With unseasonably warm weather and new ice cream flavors to sample at Jeni’s, what excuse did we have not to?

With no real purpose or agenda, my boyfriend and I made our way up and down High Street, stopping in various galleries and shops that caught our eye. There were a number of stores I had never visited, and a lot to explore.

My personal favorite was Flower Child, a truly unexpected surprise. The experience in the store reminded me of a scavenger hunt. You could spend hours sorting through all things vintage, from snow globe salt-n-pepper shakers to cowboy boot lamps. The best part was discovering items I remember from my own childhood — items that might very well be sitting in my closet still.

Not so surprising was the line for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. People were spilling out the door and down the sidewalk all night long. Luckily we had filled up on so many free treats along the way that we almost didn't miss the ice cream. The shops throughout Gallery Hop offered everything from slices of fresh bread and hot cider to Pistacia Vera pastries and coffee. I even snagged a coupon for Details, the new minibar & lounge brought to us by Chef Rosendale.

Gallery Hop happens the first Saturday of every month. See you at the next one?