Leslie's Creperie

Leslie's Creperie Photo: Kit Yoon, Cool Columbus

Recently we’ve talked quite a bit about the Columbus food truck scene, and especially about the tours available through Columbus Food Adventures . If you don't go the tour route, two other options are available: 1) Track down the food carts yourself. Many post their hours and location on Facebook and/or Twitter each morning. 2) Find an event that does the work for you and brings together several trucks in one location. I opted for option number two.

This week I had my first food truck experience at Food-Truck-A-Palooza. The event brought ten diverse food vendors together, all for our eating pleasure. Offerings included sweet and savory crepes, gourmet cupcakes, quesadillas, tacos, pulled pork sliders and more. The only thing that held us back from sampling the specialties at all ten trucks was the size of our stomachs. Overall the event drew a great crowd, who also got to enjoy the Ohio Historical Center at no cost, and several vendors even ran out of food before the night’s end.

If you missed Food-Truck-A-Palooza don’t fret. Your next chance to be part of the fun is this Sunday, Oct. 17 . The Food Cart Food Court will be open from 4-7 p.m. in the Wonderland parking lot (697 N. 4th St.). Fifteen food carts and trucks will be on hand, including FOODie Cart, Leslie’s Crepe Cart, Skillet, Yankee Cajun and more. If you’re like me and want to browse the menus before you go, you can see reviews and sample menus for most of the food trucks here .

A few tips: 1) Go early. 2) Go hungry. 3) Bring plenty of cash. You never know what will catch your eye!