This post is written by Sandi Combs, marketing coordinator for Experience Columbus. You can follow Sandi on Twitter @Sandi_ExpCols .

The Giant Eagle Market District is one of my favorite foodie finds in Columbus. I stumbled upon it after just moving to the city. Having no idea what a Market District (MD) was, I thought I was headed in to do my grocery shopping in a regular Giant Eagle. You can imagine my surprise when upon entering I found a restaurant, cooking demo kitchen, exotic foods (rattlesnake, anyone?) and all kinds of other things of interest to the at-home gourmet.

Giant Eagle Market District




The MD is just one of five in the country. It serves as the innovator for Giant Eagle – they try things here that they aren’t doing anywhere else, using Columbusites as “guinea pigs” for new ideas (learn more about Columbus being a major test market in the U.S. ). It’s fun to see what they’re trying out.


Whether you’re visiting or live here, the MD is worth exploring if you’re into food. In no particular order, here are five points of interest: 1. Demo Station: The Chefs at the MD offer culinary demonstrations. Last time I was there, they were showing guests how to cook using a Himalayan Pink Salt Brick. Click here to see the full schedule . You can also arrange for a private demonstration “party” for you and a group of friends.

2. Special Events: The MD routinely hosts celebrity chef appearances, wine tastings, contests and other events. Most recently, they had the winner of the latest Top Chef competition come in, as well as class on the art of tasting wine. Find out what’s up next .

3. Foodie Truck: A brand-new endeavor, the MD just launched the “Foodie Truck.” This mobile food truck goes all over Columbus serving Asian fare like Banh Mi, Grilled Tandoori Chicken, Vegetarian Samosa and more. You can also book it to come to your next event.

4. Restaurant: Don’t want to shop on an empty stomach? Need to grab a quick bite to eat? From an Asian street food station and a crepe station, to house made pizza and an incredibly robust salad bar, they have something for whatever you’re craving.

5. Coffee roaster – They roast coffee beans in house, which makes for a very fresh cup of Joe. Tell them how you like your coffee, and they’ll roast it to your specifications. Like yours flavored? They can do that, too.

There’s so much more that could be talked about, but I’d hate to ruin the fun of discovering for yourself all the other cool things here. You’ll just have to visit!