There are some exciting things going on at the Franklin Park Conservatory .

Most of you have heard about the breathtaking Chihuly Reimagined exhibit, which you should not miss.

And every Thursday evening, there's also Cocktails at the Conservatory from 5:30 p.m to 10 p.m. It's a unique way to do drinks and a fun way of exploring the venue.

The Community Garden Campus

The Community Garden Campus

Then, there's the new Growing to Green program, the go-to place for community gardening. They provide training and resources to create your very own community garden - everything from helping to find financial support, land and volunteers. If you are even remotely interested in gardening, you should make the trip to see what you can learn and take back to your own community. You can also take  one of their 1 1/2 hour weekend workshops - topics for this fall include planting your fall garden, selecting and planting bulbs and putting your garden to bed.

Some of the Experience Columbus staff recently had the opportunity to tour the facility and it was absolutely amazing. What used to be just a grassy area is now completely renovated. They've planted flowers and plants throughout the area, created sections where people can rent plots of land to grow fruits and vegetables, and there's an outdoor fire pit and a wood-burning pizza oven.

Another really neat component of the Growing to Green program is their training facility. It is a cozy place with a kitchen where professionals teach you how to cook with the produce you grew in your own garden.

The whole concept really inspired me to take a take a stab at growing my own veggies. What a great way to save some money and eat healthy!