The Ohio History Center's ancient Egyptian mummy, Amunet, is getting ready to make a debut. Over the past year, she has undergone a CT scan, and a team of researchers and artists have reconstructed her facial features. You can be among the first members of the general public to see her face in more than 2,000 years- and taste a beer brewed by Barley's Smokehouse and Brewpub based on an ancient Egyptian recipe. An Evening with Amunet happens 5-9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 7 at the Ohio History Center.

In addition to the unveiling and tasting, you'll hear talks from experts on topics like facial reconstruction tactics, what can be learned from the wrappings around Amunet, and how beer was brewed in Ancient Egypt.

If you miss this particular event, you'll still have a chance to see Amunet and her newly re-created visage - she will be part of the Center's upcoming Transformation exhibit, which opens Sept. 11.

Tickets start at are $15, or $11 for Ohio Historical Society members and attendance is limited. If you love history and beer, this will be a great event!