Got an opinion on the best place to eat in Columbus? We'd love to hear it.

We're working with Ohio Magazine on a story they're planning about places to dine. Sure, we could just give them our favorites, but we're more interested in yours. So, we have a question for those of you who live here:

What's your favorite place to take visiting friends and family out to eat in Columbus? Why?

There are two ways to share your thoughts:

1. Comment on this blog post.

2. Tweet your recommendation to @ExpCols , and be sure to include #OHMag in your tweet.

We'll see what suggestions rise to the top in popularity, and an Ohio Magazine writer will head to at least one of the restaurants suggested. Your quoted suggestion might appear in the article, too.

Look for the article in the October issue of Ohio Magazine. In the meantime, you'll find any additional updates here or on the @ExpCols Twitter profile.