Photo: CATCO

In Kelly's last post about giving the gift of a Columbus experience, she mentioned a handful of local favorites.

One she didn't mention, however, is one I had the opportunity to check out: The Santaland Diaries , presented by the Contemporary American Theatre Company (a.k.a. CATCO).

Last Friday, CAPA Columbus gave away tickets from their Twitter account . I was among a few participants who won, which made my day; I was excited to see this show.

The Santaland Diaries is a story by humorist David Sedaris about his time spent as a Macy's elf in New York City, when he was also a struggling writer. Jon Putnam, returning for his fourth year as this character, gives a stunningly convincing performance as David Sedaris.

Filled with off-color humor and observations on how strange and deranged people can be during the holiday season, The Santaland Diaries is perfect for anyone looking for laughs. And if you consider yourself a bit of Grinch, chances are good you'll enjoy it, too.

While I was at the performance I forgot it was theater, as the setting and encouraged participation from the audience made me feel as though a good friend was recounting a horrifyingly hilarious life experience.

The show runs through December 27. For details and tickets, click here .

Stay tuned for more on holiday experiences in Columbus. Up next, Irene will be here to share her recommendation.