This post is written by Patty Geiger, on behalf of the Gahanna Convention and Visitor Bureau. You can follow them on Twitter @VisitGahanna.

Valentine’s Day shopping on Gahanna’s Herbal Trail means it’s time for hearts, flowers, wine, jewels and romance! You may wonder how Gahanna, Herb Capital of Ohio, turns the Herbal Trail into a trail of love for the heart-shaped holiday ahead. Let’s find out as we explore the top three ways, despite the chilly weather, to heat up your love life with a trek on the trail and perhaps pick up some good advice for lovers along the way.

First, the Ohio Herb Education Center, where the trail begins and you can get “educated” about herbal lore that attracts love’s desires. Wendy Winkler, volunteer and Gahanna Herb Society member, says that since the days of the Roman Empire, herbal love potions have been used to entice romance. She makes no promises, but offers a few tips: • Periwinkle was believed to cause two people who ate the leaves together to fall in love. A love potion was made from powdered periwinkle, houseleek and…earthworms! • Once you’ve brewed up that elixir and captured your sweetheart’s devotion, you can use lemon balm to keep your love from straying.

Stop by the Herb Center for more instruction and while you’re there, visit the gift shop for some “Herbal Surrender” products—the name says it all.

The second way to ensure a happy Valentine’s Day is to follow the trail across Mill Street to Creekside Plaza where you’ll find:

Jewels & More is sparkling with gift ideas, “Love of My Life” jewelry, “Love Birds” charms and “more.” In addition to jewels for your love, Becca Ferri advised, “Be honest, no secrets and don’t fret about the small stuff.” • Honey Grove Botanicals features heart-shaped, skin-loving products. Try some “Chocolate Fizzy Bath Kisses” with that special someone. • The Wine Guy is waiting with select wines and herb-accented cuisine. When you make a Valentine’s reservation they will also offer to order flowers for you— delivered at home or during dinner. Advice for wine lovers, find a cozy corner table and then Manager Monti Harris says, “Spend time listening to each other.”

Third—hit the road on the trail. • Rees Flowers & Gifts is a short drive away and they’re offering “one-stop Valentine’s shopping.” Wine, flowers, gifts and chocolates—they’ve got it all. • Sher Bliss on Cherry Bottom Road is another drive-to “trail of love” destination. Chocolate and wine—absolutely divine. Wine bottles dipped in chocolate and other delights, including their annual Chocolate Lover’s Dinner on Valentine’s Day.

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