A few weeks ago, I traveled southeast of Columbus to Lancaster to a quiet lake set among rolling hills. I didn't quite believe that what I was going to see was real. Jet Pack Water Adventures advertises that people can actually hover 30 feet in the air using a jet pack. Well, it did turn out to be true, and seeing it really blew me away!



When you arrive, you're fitted into the gear by a certified instructor and given comprehensive training on how to use it. The jet pack apparatus, which fits like a large backpack, weighs 28 pounds. It's connected by a 30' water hose to a small, lightweight watercraft, which pulls in 1,000 gallons of water a minute and forces it out through the hose connected to your back - the pressure from this is what enables your flight. When you look at this equipment and hear all this, you still won't believe what it can do.

Then you wade out into the lake, and the engine revs up, you start levitating out of the water. At first, you're just bobbing along the surface while you get used to the controls - it steers like a bike - and slight adjustments forward send you downward, while pointing slightly downward sends you up - as high as 30 feet over the lake!


Once you're up, you can choose between flying close to the water and fast, or high up and slow. The lake is crystal clear, so when you're high up, you can see to the bottom - there's even a school bus and plane in the pond (put there for scuba divers to explore.) When you really get the hang of it, you can literally walk on water. I've seen it and I almost still don't believe it - such a cool experience!

Jet Pack Water Adventures is the ONLY company in Ohio and any of our surrounding states that lets you experience this exhilaration! So get to Lancaster this summer and try it for yourself!