This post is written by Maggie Mecklenborg, membership services coordinator for Experience Columbus. You can follow her on Twitter @MaggieMeck.

Hudson 29 Kitchen + Drink is the newest addition to the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant family. Although Hudson 29 is an all-American restaurant, you won’t be ordering your usual burgers and fries. With their expansion and redefinition of the American cuisine the simplistic menu offers a familiar and hearty collection of flatbreads, sushi, salads from the west coast, and prime steaks, rotisserie roasted chicken and classic knife and fork sandwiches from the east coast.

Hudson_29_PracticeDinner_Thursday_11Hudson 29 has a warm cozy interior that makes you feel right at home. With dark wood finished floors, rustic leather couches, a large contemporary bar, a semi-exposed kitchen, dim lighting and a stone fire place upon entry that all coincides with their menu’s modern all-American theme. They also have a beautiful glass wine cellar that showcases more than 100 bottles of wine and a conference/party room that holds around 14 people.

Hudson_29_PracticeDinner_Wednesday_027For starters, I recommend ordering the dip trio with hummus, guacamole, smoked trout served with warm tortillas or the chicken lollipops with teriyaki marinade and sweet chili dipping sauce. If you are a sushi fanatic like me, get the king kong roll with spicy scallops, crab, avocado, cucumber and togarashi. Very delicious! The next time I go I plan to try the black bean burger or the pan seared scallops.As for drinks, you have to order the carbonated bottled hand crafted cocktails. They offer a daiquiri, grapefruit fresca and bourbon cola cocktails. My favorite was the bourbon cola with Bulleit bourbon, tawny port, raspberry puree and spiced brown sugar.

hudsoncocktails_2418I spoke with Bill Denhard, the beverage manager at Hudson 29, and he gave me a run-down of how they make these innovative concoctions in-house. “We blend all the ingredients together in a three-five gallon container like you would sangria. Then we put it in a large stainless steel gas chamber, add ice, and 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) of carbon dioxide,” said Denhard. “Once the carbon dioxide is mixed with the cold ice, we literally shake it like it’s a martini shaker, but it’s much larger. We then fill our tiny bottles with it and cap them quickly and refrigerate.”

Hudson 29 Kitchen + Drink is located on 1600 W. Lane Avenue in the heart of Upper Arlington.