ice cream map Nothing says vacation more than ice cream -- so why not plan a whole trip around it? Columbus is America's best ice cream city. Jeni's is famous world-wide for great flavors, and there are many more spots around the city to grab an excellent sundae or cone. We take ice cream very seriously here! Follow this Trip Idea, or customize it to create your perfect ice cream getaway in Columbus! Jeni's Ice Cream Jeni's often comes out on top when food writers pick their favorite ice creams in the world. With grass-fed, local cream, imaginative ingredients and friendly and knowledgeable staff, you'll find your perfect scoop.

Ice cream jenisWhit's Frozen Custard Whit's, which started in nearby Granville, focuses on frozen custard rather than ice cream - a rich combination of cream, sugar and eggs. And it's made fresh daily in-store!

ice cream greatersGraeter's Ice Cream Though Graeter's is based in Cincinnati, this northwest-side shop makes all its ice cream on site. High butterfat content keeps Graeter's creamy, and giant chocolate chips are a signature. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is the fan favorite flavor.

Mardi Gras Ice Cream In a city where salty caramel and goat cheese ice cream thrive, Mardi Gras offers the next step in culinary magic. Indian flavors like cashew, coconut, ginger and unique spice blends mix with old standards like vanilla, done perfectly.

Cuzzins Frozen Yogurt Cuzzins, a relative newcomer to the frozen treat scene, focuses on frozen yogurt. With fresh fruit toppings and flavors like blueberry acai, watermelon and cranberry hibiscus, these fro yos make a great palate cleanser.

Johnson's Real Ice Cream A Bexley staple since 1950, Johnson's serves a wide variety of flavors. In season, don't miss their peach or apple strudel! This is a great spot for an old-fashioned banana split!

Velvet Ice Cream Velvet, about 40 minutes outside the city in rural Utica, is a relaxing place to visit. Ice cream is made on-site, and you can peek into the factory, tour the grounds and learn something new in the ice cream museum! Their Buckeye Classic Ice Cream is tops!