Columbus Skyline and Ohio Statehouse

Photo: Randall Lee Schieber

Calling all Columbus-loving friends! To help you keep tabs on dining, playing, shopping and staying in Columbus, we've added some new features to our blog and the @ExpCols Twitter profile. Here's the lowdown:

Columbus Conversation

Our blog now has a page called Columbus Conversation . Here, you'll find links to the latest posts across the Web - news articles, reviews, blog posts, videos and more. If it's a recent link about a place to dine, play, shop or stay in Columbus, chances are good that you'll see it there.

To stay up to date on what's new to the page, click here to subscribe - updates can be sent your RSS reader or to your email inbox (you'll never receive more than one email a day, and sometimes less).

Columbus Widgets

We have a couple of new widgets that you can use to share links about Columbus on your own blog or Web site:

  • Columbus Conversation widget: Features the links you see on the Columbus Conversation page I mentioned above.
  • Columbus Events Calendar widget: Features links to upcoming events and things to do in Columbus (the links are pulled from the Columbus Events Calendar ).
You'll find both widgets here . Click over to check them out and grab the code for installing them on your own corner of the Web.

Twitter lists

If you're a Twitter user, you've probably noticed that they launched a lists feature back in November. If you click here , you'll find all of the Experience Columbus Twitter lists:

Give any of the above lists a follow, and you'll have an easy way to check in on the current dining, playing, shopping, and staying scene on Twitter.

And as always, you can connect with experiencing Columbus here, too:

  • Facebook : Where we post updates and send special offers to fans.
  • Flickr Group : Where amateur and professional photographers across the Web share their shots of Columbus.
  • YouTube : Where you can watch over a dozen videos about the Columbus experience.
  • FriendFeed : Where you can catch many of our updates in one place.
Do you have...
  • Questions or suggestions?
  • A blog we should be watching for posts that cover places to dine, play, shop or stay in Columbus (and therefore, links we might share on the Columbus Conversation page)?
  • A Twitter account that belongs on one of our lists?
Please let us know. Leave a comment or send a tweet to @ExpCols . We'd be glad to hear from you.