It always happens to even the most-prepared among us - the big day comes, and at the last minute, you realize you've forgotten an integral part of Thanksgiving dinner. Or maybe you're a grateful guest who has been asked to bring a dish to share - and you want to make sure it's got that special CBUS touch. Well then, this is the guide for you! While you can find wine, ice cream, pumpkin pie and rolls pretty much anywhere that sells food this week, here are some standout spots to ensure your Thanksgiving celebrates local Columbus flavors:

Via Vecchia Winery

Wine: Very few hosts will turn down a guest coming to the table with a bottle of vino. If you want to make your host/hostess gift even more special, look no further than Via Vecchia in the Brewery District. Via Vecchia makes wine the old way, using traditional Italian methods, and the result is something unlike the mass market bottles you can find in the grocery store. The wines are all made in the historic building from hand-selected blends of California grapes. The Adamo is a standout.

Mozart's Bakery

Dessert: Jeni's Ice Creams Sweet Potato/Torched Marshmallows is a standout Thanksgiving flavor - lightly orange from the sweet potato and flecked with cinnamon and bits of toasted house-made marshmallows, you might even call this a vegetable and serve it with dinner. If you're traveling a long distance with this, make sure to bring a cooler - otherwise you might have to pull over and eat this along the roadside before it melts (not the worst thing that's ever happened...) And if you're sick of the same-old pumpkin pie, Mozart's Bakery's in Clintonville sells a satisfyingly rich pumpkin cheesecake that takes just the right amount of variation on the standard.

Omega Bakery


If bread is the staff of life, you have no idea how much living you've missed if you haven't tried a loaf from Omega Bakery in the North Market. You'll be a hit for sure if you get Omega's pretzel rolls on the table - and the blue cheese walnut pan turbante is an original creation that creates cravings from 1,000 miles away.


What Columbus food do you set on your Thanksgiving table?