During the holidays, I mentioned that I bought tickets for a friend and I to attend a Chef Series Cooking Class at the North Market . These classes, which are limited to only 26 participants, allow you to get up close and personal with some of Columbus' best chefs while they prepare a special meal for you.

Our tickets were for last Wednesday's class, taught by Paul Yow of Barcelona Restaurant & Bar and held in the Dispatch Kitchen (top floor of the market). I liked that the intimate class size allowed everyone attending to feel comfortable asking questions throughout the class. We could also walk up to the kitchen area and observe Chef Yow's techniques at any point during the presentation - or we could simply remain seated, savor some wine and enjoy the rotation of smells filling the room.

Chef Series at the North Market

Our captivated class

Our meal included a starter of cheese, chutney, bread and a spicy salad. The main courses included a side of fideo (a pasta dish) and sautéed sea scallops. The finale was a wonderful caramel chocolate almond sauce served on Jeni's ice cream .

Throughout the evening I never saw the bottom of my wine glass, as it was continuously filled with a nice variety of red and white wines from the Rioja region of Spain.

Chef Yow's sense of humor and affectionate approach to food kept the class captivated throughout the entire two-hour period. He created an enjoyable, open environment and a true learning experience for us.

And even if you couldn't care less about learning to cook, you're sure to enjoy the eating. A Chef Series class offers an evening that all types of food and wine lovers can enjoy together.

A schedule of upcoming Chef Series classes and other North Market events is available here .