Martini Modern Italian

Photo: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants



If you have not yet been to Martini Modern Italian , you are missing out on one of the trendiest and most delicious establishments in the city.


I recently went, knowing that I would get a good meal as I do from every Cameron Mitchell restaurant, but Martini Modern Italian exceeded my expectations for a great dining experience.

I ordered the tuna and since you eat with your eyes first, I took in the presentation of the perfectly plated tuna atop a bed of glazed root vegetables and gnocchi surrounded by a Sangiovese wine reduction. It was almost too pretty to eat...almost. The tuna was cooked to perfection and the caramelization of the veggies mixed with the wine reduction was a burst of flavors in my mouth. It was the type of meal that you think about for days afterwards. The type of meal that makes you do your “I’m so happy I ordered this” dance when you take a bite (or maybe that is just me).

From the time I sat down and put the napkin on my lap, to the time I took the last bit of my tiramisu (that is a fantastic choice as well) , it was a wonderful experience and will definitely be back soon.