It's Coffee Week! All week long, we're blogging about the booming Columbus coffee scene and what it means for visitors. Check out our new video all about coffee here, and once you're ready to visit, start out with this great coffee-centric itinerary here

We've told you all week about how great to coffee scene is in Columbus.

Take Home Roasted Beans

Via Instagram, courtesy of @tkisscoffee

Via Instagram, courtesy of @tkisscoffee

When you've found your perfect cup in Columbus - make sure you bring the experience home by buying a pound of the same beans. Though most Columbus coffee roasters have a cafe, some only sell their beans. Of these, Thunderkiss is one you shouldn't miss. Thunderkiss sources beans diligently, and roasts each in single-origin batches to accentuate the terroir of each bean. You can find their beans for sale at these locations around the city.

Take a Tour

Columbus Food Adventures offers a quarterly coffee tour - the next one is coming up in mid-fall. On this tour, you'll meeting with roasters and baristas, taste coffee like those who select beans do - cupping - and learn how to make the very best cup of coffee at home. Of course, you'll have coffee and a snack at each stop.

Coffee Cocktails and Desserts

Try an espresso martini at MoJoe Lounge, or a beer at Carabar, infused with beans roasted at Upper Cup. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams always has black coffee ice cream in stock, and even non-coffee lovers seem to enjoy it.